2017 Charitable Softball Season
Rules and Regulations


Sec. 1. THE PLAYING FIELD is the area where the ball may be legally played or fielded. The playing field shall have a clear and unobstructed area within radius of the prescribed fence distances from home plate between the foul lines. 

Sec. 2. SPECIAL GROUND RULES may be made by Redneck Outlaws Inc. League Directors when the field is less than the official minimum dimensions, of 300 feet for men and 275 for women. No maximum distance is set for the fence.

A. Redneck Outlaws Inc. League (ROL) Directors may establish limits of the playing field whenever backstops, fences, stands, vehicles, spectators, or other obstructions are within the prescribed area.


Sec. 1. THE BAT shall be round in cross section, straight in length, and measure not more than 34 inches long including tape or other grip additions to the bat, and not more than 2-1/4 inches in diameter at its largest part and its weight shall not exceed 31-1/2 ounces, including tape or grip addition to the bat. The bat shall have a safety grip of tape or some other material to facilitate holding the bat during the batter’s swing. The safety grip shall be not less than 10 inches long, nor extend to touch the barrel of the bat. Graphics, including BPF markings, must be permanent and cannot be decals or any other method that can be easily removed or added to the bat. 

A.LEGAL BATS. Only those bats approved by USSSA and have the new fingerprint stamp on the bat are legal in Redneck Outlaws Inc. Recreational League play. 
NOTE: Senior bat rules are specified in Specialty Division Regulation. Bats that do not adhere to the senior BPF (Bat Performance Factor) standards must adhere to normal Redneck Outlaws Inc. League legal bat guidelines. 

B.NON-COMPLIANT BAT. When a bat does not meet the specifications as defined, does not have the fingerprint stamp, has flat spots, has pronounced dents, has excessive pine tar or stick em type products, has loose knobs or end caps, is missing key graphic information, or the actual bat material is visible because paint has worn off, or if in the Umpire or Redneck Outlaws Inc. League (ROL) Director's judgment, the bat is not legal, the Umpire or ROL Director can prohibit the use of the doubtful bat. 

1.A ROL Director may at any time ask to inspect a bat that has been brought into the tournament. 

2.If a bat loses an end cap during play, the bat will be immediately confiscated by the ROL Director for further examination. If after inspection the bat is deemed legal, the bat will be returned. If the legality of the bat is in question after examination, steps in Regulation 2, Sec 2C will be executed.  C. ALTERED BAT. When a bat has had its physical structure changed, including, but not limited to: 

1.The bat has had the surface of the barrel or the taper changed in any way as by painting or repainting or removing bat material by any means such as by sandpapering or applying a solvent to the surface such as fingernail polish remover or by any other means; 

2.The bat has had the plug or the knob removed/replaced or changed in any way; and

3.The bat has had anything removed or added or inserted to the inside or outside of the bat other than tape at the handle or knob. Replacing or replacing the safety grip with another safety grip is not considered altering a bat. 

NOTE: Cracked, worn, or damaged bats are not altered bats but they can be removed from play by Directors and Umpires. Paint or lettering wear shall not result in a bat being considered an altered bat as long as the bat can be identified and has the appropriate BPF marking. 

D. ALTERED BAT INSPECTION/SUSPENSION. A ROL Director may at any time ask to inspect a bat that has been brought into a Redneck Outlaws Inc. Sanctioned event. In either case, the owner and user may either: 

1.Allow the Director to inspect the bat and reach a conclusion as to whether or not the bat might be altered. If, after making the inspection, the Director in his discretion decides that the bat might be an altered bat, the suspected offending owner and user will be subject to Regulation 7, Sec. 2B and may: 

2.Allow the Director to send the bat to the ROL Committee and/or Manufacturer of the bat for a determination as to whether or not the bat is altered. NOTE: During the time of the examination of the bat by the Manufacturer/Altered Bat Committee, ROL may suspend the suspected offending player pending the decision. If the Manufacturer or the ROL Altered Bat Committee determines that the bat has been altered, the Altered Bat Committee may suspend a first time offender for up to two years from ROL play. For a second time offender, any suspension may be up to lifetime. 

3.Withhold the bat from inspection and accept a one year (up to life for second time offenders) suspension from ROL play with no right to appeal. 

E. PITCHER SAFETY. If a pitcher is hit by a ball, the bat will be removed from tournament/ league play and inspected according to Section D above.
Sec. 2 THE OFFICIAL BALL to be used shall adhere to USSSA softball guidelines. Classic M models, leather Cover, blue stitch, and 40 core 325.If Classic M balls are not available, the official ball for the tournament and or league will be declared by the ROL Director. 

A. ILLEGAL BALL. When a ball does not meet the specifications as defined. Including, but not limited to, being frozen or being restitched, the Umpire/ ROL Director shall prohibit the use of the ball. 
NOTE: The ILLEGAL BALL penalty is explained in Regulation 6, Sec. 8. 

Sec. 3. THE PITCHING AREA is the area the width of the Pitcher’s Plate (24 inches) up to six (6) feet behind the Pitcher’s Plate. 
NOTE: All Pitching rules that apply to the Pitcher’s actions before and during the release of the pitch along with the restrictions on height, speed, etc.
Shall follow USSSA rules. With the exception of no faking and or other sportsman like conduct.

A.The height of a legal pitch must be from 6-10 feet above the playing surface.

B.The pitcher must not make any motion to pitch (i.e. stops, pauses or reversals in the pitching motion, fakes a pitch or any other illegal action prior to the release of the pitch) without immediately delivering the ball to the batter.

C.The pivot foot must remain in contact with the pitcher's box until the pitched ball leaves the hand. If a step is taken, it can be forward, backward, or to the side, provided the pivot foot is in contact with the pitcher's box and the step is simultaneous with the release of the ball.

The pitcher shall not deliver a pitch from the glove.

E. The pitcher may not pitch the ball behind his back or through his legs.


NOTE: A Safety Base is optional. The Safety Base shall be 15 inches by 30 inches and not more than 3 inches high. The Safety Base should be positioned such that the white portion is located where First Base would normally be (in Fair Territory) and the colored portion (red or orange) should be in Foul Territory. Any Batted Ball hitting the white portion should be fair and any ball hitting the red or orange portion should be foul. On the initial throw to First Base from the infield or outfield, the Batter-Runner MUST TOUCH the red or orange portion of the base but not the white. If legally appealed by the Defense during a live ball situation, the Runner will be called out. The defensive Player MUST always touch the white portion. This rule is in effect only on the initial play at First Base. This does not include:

1.Returning to the base after over running, 

2.Running on a base hit to the outfield, or 

3.Re-tag to advance on a fly ball. 

EFFECT: If the Base Runner uses the orange portion at any time after the first attempt at First Base and is not in contact with the white portion, then he is considered off the base. 

Sec. 5. A SHOE shall be considered legal if it is made with either leather or canvas uppers or similar materials. The soles may have soft or hard rubber cleats. Metal cleats are prohibited.
Sec. 6. Any defensive player may wear a MASK.

Sec. 7. UNIFORMS While participating in Tournaments / league, Players should be uniformly dressed. Shirts shall be numbered.  A. All exposed jewelry that is judged to be potentially dangerous by the umpire may not be worn during the game. 

B. Batting helmets may be worn by Players/Coaches at any time. 

Sec. 8. EQUIPMENT shall not be allowed to remain on the playing field during the playing of the game, either on Fair or Foul Territory. 


CATCH (LEGAL) is the act of a Fielder getting the ball in flight securely in possession in his hand or glove and firmly holding it, provided he does not use his cap, protector, a pocket, or other part of his Uniform, or the glove not in its normal position on the hand to stop or catch the ball. It is not a catch; however, if simultaneously or immediately following his contact with the ball, he collides with a wall, a fence, another person, or if he falls down and, as a result of any such collision, drops the ball. To establish the validity of the catch, the Fielder shall hold the ball long enough so the Umpire is convinced he had complete control of the ball. 

COURTUSY RUNNER - A Courtesy runner or CR is an optional player that can be used to run the bases for any player designated by the manager that is in the batting order that has batted in the inning once per inning. If a team uses the CR option, the Umpire(s) must be notified before the substitution takes place. One Courtesy Runner per guy per inning. One Courtesy Runner per girl per inning. Guys run for guys and girls for girls. Any courtesy runner found running in violation of this rule will be called out.

FAKE TAG is making the motions of a tag without the ball. This may be considered obstruction and the offender could be ejected. 

INFIELD FLY is a Fair Batted Ball (not a line drive) that can be caught in flight by an Infielder with ordinary effort. Any Defensive Player may catch the ball in the Infield Area. 

LIVE BALL occurs when the Umpire signals Play Ball. The ball remains live until the ball becomes dead for any reason as stated in these rules. 

NON- COMPLIANT BAT refers to one that does not meet the requirement/specifications of Regulation 2, Sec. 1A. 


A. Obstruction is the act of a Fielder while not in possession of the ball, or not in the act of fielding a Batted Ball, or taking a proper position to receive a Thrown Ball (Thrown Ball must already be in flight) which impedes the progress of a Runner who is legally running the Bases.

B. Obstruction is the act of a Fielder which impedes the Batter from striking at a Pitched Ball. 

C. The obstruction does not have to be intentional and may be vocal. 

D. Obstruction may also be taken as an offensive foul. When a defensive play is being made the offensive player must make an attempt to avoid contact at all cost. Offensive player does not have to slide but must make effort to get out of way of double plays.

ON DECK refers to the area between the dugout and home plate. On offense a total of 4 (four) people, two of which are the base coaches, may be outside of the dugout. On defense a total of 2 (two) people may be outside of the dugout. All interference rules, per umpire judgment, are still in effect. 

OVER SLIDE or OVER SLIDING is the act of a Runner when his slide to a Base is with such momentum that he loses contact with the Base, and he is thus placed in jeopardy. This does not apply to the Batter-Runner, as he is first approaching First Base. 

PIVOT FOOT is the foot, when placed on the Pitcher’s Plate or Pitching Area by the Pitcher that must be in contact with the Pitcher’s Plate or Pitching Area when the Pitched Ball is released. 

is the term used by the Umpire to indicate that play shall begin or continue after a dead ball interval. 

in league play shall consist of players eligible to play on said team and shall not exceed 25 players. 

STRIKE ZONE is that space directly above Home Plate that is not higher than the Batter’s highest shoulder, nor lower than the bottom of the Batter’s front knee, and touches the designated Pitchers Mat, when the Batter assumes his natural batting stance. Any part of the Pitched Ball that passes through this zone and makes contact with the designated Pitchers Mat is a strike. 

is the announcement by the Umpire of a legal interruption of play, during which interval the ball becomes and remains dead until legally put back into play. 

refers to touching an Umpire or Player or Person. This includes any part of his body, his clothing, or his equipment. 

is any person affiliated with the Offensive or Defensive Team, including Sponsors, Managers, Coaches, and Players in a Game. 


Sec. 1. THE CHOICE OF HOME OR VISITOR shall be decided by a toss of a coin, the winner shall select the choice of being home team and batting last or visiting team and batting first. For the second game teams will alternate. If Team 1 was the Home Team for the first game they become the Visiting Team for the second game.

Sec. 2. CONDITION OF PLAYING FIELD before the game shall be determined by the ROL Director, Team Managers, or Umpire in Charge. After the game has been started, the Plate Umpire (and Tournament Director) shall judge of the fitness of the ground and or the intensity of the weather for continuing play. After the Umpire has started a Game, he/she shall be the sole judge as to the fitness of the ground for continuing play. 

Sec. 3. A REGULATION GAME shall consist of seven innings, unless a previously stated time limit has been established. 

A.Each game will be played with a One Hour Time Limit

B.A Game that is tied at the end of seven innings shall be continued, by playing additional innings until one Team has scored more runs than the other at the end of a completed inning with in the one hour time frame

C.The Umpire is empowered to call a Game at any time because of rain, darkness, or for any other cause which puts the Umpire or teams in harm way. 

D.. Run Rule

A.20 runs after 3 innings
B.15 runs after 4 innings
C.10 runs after 5 innings



A.This Organization shall be for amateur Slow Pitch players to compete as a team under an adopted set of administrative rules and playing rules. Players and teams should be at an EE, USSSA standard of player.

B.No team shall be allowed to compete in Redneck Outlaws Inc. sanctioned tournaments without paying their team registration fees to the Organization.

C.There will be no cutoff date to add players for the 2017 season. However it is important that each manager keeps accurate rosters at all times.


A.A player is deemed eligible to compete in the Redneck Outlaws Inc. Recreational Slow Pitch Softball program as long as they abide by the ROL Playing Rules, when listed as a member of an eligible team. 

B.The method to be used to classify a player as a participant in all programs will be governed by the Redneck Outlaws Inc. Softball Committee.

C.All Players must be 16 years of age or older. All minors must have parent or guardian consent and are the responsibility of the team’s manager. 


Sec. 1. Seven Male and 3 Female Players must be in the lineup at all times (8 and 4 if A.H. is used). Any seven Male and any three Female Players must play Defense. Exception: A minimum of 9 Players can start a Game. However, there must always be three Females Players in the lineup. An out shall be declaring the 10th position in the lineup when that position is scheduled to bat. A 10th Player may be added in the 10th position of the lineup at any time before the end of the Game. That added Player must be Male. 

Sec. 2. When a Female is batting, she may hit anything and a 12 Inch Classic M softball will be used when a Male is batting. It is an appeal play when the wrong ball is pitched to a Batter. If the appeal is allowed, then the Batter returns to bat with the same ball and strike count he/she had at the time of the pitch. Also, any Base Runners must return to the base occupied at the time of pitch. 

Sec. 3. In the Redneck Outlaws Inc. Recreational Slow Pitch Softball Program, teams can modify their team’s structure to accommodate five males and five females into the field of play and utilize male, female batting order.
Note: If utilizing seven - three lineup batting order will be two males one female. 

Sec. 4. When a Male Batter receives a base on balls or intentional walk, he will be awarded First and Second Base with the next Female Batter having to bat. All females are required to hit after a male walks.

A.A Recreation Co-Ed team may have one (1) competitive male player and one (1) competitive female player or two (2) competitive female players.
B.No home run restrictions

C.Courtesy Strike Rule will be in effect. - If player fouls off strike 3 they will receive another strike. In witch that if contact is made it must remain in fair play or batter is out.

D.Cones will be place in the outfield at an estimated 60 feet from the infield bases where no Outfield player may play in front of when a female is batting. This rule may be adjusted during a managers meeting later in the season.

E.When Less than two outs, a Male walks in front of a female: Male gets second base and female has to Hit.

F.With two outs, a male walks in front of a female: Males gets second and female has the option to Hit or Walk.

Sec. 5. Rosters Guidelines:
A.Once a Player is removed from a team’s roster he may not be added again to that team’s roster nor any other participating team’s roster for the remainder of the year.

B.Teams may substitute or utilize other team’s players in situations where they do not have a full team to play the weeks games. The only condition is all players have to be Rostered players and not someone from the crowd.


A.Umpires will consist of 2 non team playing members. (Teams not playing at current time Game before or game after.)

B.The umpire behind the plate will call balls and strikes. According to the mat system in place used behind home plate.

If ball makes contact with the mat anywhere. It is a strike! No ball contact of the mat. It’s a ball!

The calling of balls and strikes according to usssa sanctioned rule of arc limit. 6 to 10 feet from point of release from pitcher.
( ie. Too flat or too much arch) 

The duties of making calls at home plate as well as at 3rd base from a position on field of play so to have a clear line of sight to the base or plate along with the ball and the players involved in the play. To determine runner out or runner safe. 

The duties of calling balls fair or foul according to the determined area of play.

The home plate umpire will have final say in all calls made on field (if call is unclear to other umpire).

Each batter will bat with a 1 and 1 count 
(1 ball. 1 strike.)

The home plate umpire will use a ball, strike, outs and inning clicker during the game. 

C.The field umpire will have the duties of making calls for plays at 1st base and plays at 2nd base. (Runner safe or runner out).

They will have to maintain a safe position so as not to interfere with players on the field or runners making an advancement to the next base.

The umpire position on the field .if no runner on first should be along 1st base, base line up from the base itself. So to have a clear line of sight to the base, the ball and the runner so an accurate call can be determined (runner safe or runner out).

The umpire position for runner on first. With a runner advancing to second base should be in a location on field of play to have clear sight of the ball, the runner and the play being made at both locations so to make appropriate call as seen. (Runner safe or runner out). 

D.In the event of a too close to call play.   Umpires will use a team honor system. 
1st to close to call play will go to one team 
The next to close to call play will go to the other team. Those calls will continue to alternate for the duration of the game. 


ON THE FIELD A player/team while in competition, shall make no disrespectful comments that would offend the opponent or players on surrounding fields. Other inappropriate behavior would include profanity, abusive language, obscene gestures, flipping benches, etc.  

Penalties A player may call on a ROL Committee Member or Director to enforce a rule at any time. If the ROL Director deems action is required: - The first offense shall call for a warning from the Designated Official.  – A second offense shall call for a second and final warning.  – A third offense shall call for forfeiture of the game being played.  – Any further offenses may call for disqualification from the League/Tournament/Event.  


Redneck Outlaws Inc. has created this program as a Recreational activity for individuals in our community to play. Its success is dependent on the ability of such individuals and teams to work and play together in a professional manner. Redneck Outlaws Inc. expects each of its league members to conduct themselves a productive, courteous, and respectful manner when problems arise. Redneck Outlaws Inc. believes that issues can be worked out as adults. We ask all participants to remember this is a Recreational league and not the World Series. Any and all violence will be handled by Redneck Outlaws Inc. and will have a zero tolerance.

Any player who indulges in heckling or unfair rooting, uses profanity or abusive language, makes obscene gestures, or exhibits any other form of unsportsman like conduct toward other players, ROL Officials/Tournament/League Officials, or others who are in the area of the fields, shall be subject to expulsion from the Tournament/Event and from the event site.

Participants competing in Redneck Outlaws Inc. Recreational Slow Pitch Softball League will be expected to abide by the ROL Committee rules and regulations regarding Alcohol, Tobacco Products, and Illegal Controlled Substances:

Illegal Controlled Substances are not permitted at an ROL Event.
The use of alcohol or any form of tobacco while in the confines of the courts may be prohibited for all contestants, officials, and scorekeepers at the discretion of Redneck Outlaws Inc... This rule may be enforced at any tournament, if announced in advance by the Certified Officials/Redneck Outlaws Inc... Violations may result in the forfeiture of games.

Please note that these rules and regulations are the current Rules and Regulations to start the Redneck Outlaws Inc. Recreational Softball League for the 2017 Season. Any further changes must be discussed in Managers Meeting and or Quorum and receive majority vote to be altered.

PLAYING FIELD……………………………………………………………………page 4

EQUIPMENT AND SAFETY…………………………………………………….page 4-5

DEFINITIONS……………………………………………………………………..page 5-6

THE GAME………………………………………………………………………..page 6-7

TEAM AND PLAYER ELIGIBILITY..…………………………………………..page 7

COED TEAM RULES……………………………………………………………page 7-8

UMPIRES………………………………………………………………………….page 8


PLAYER ROSTER……………………………………………………………….page 10

Rough draft of Rules and regulations documented 3/24/2017 Final Draft will be purposed at Managers and Captains Meeting Monday April 10, 2017

In 2017 Redneck Outlaws Inc. Is going back to our roots. Established in 2013 as a softball team and quickly became one of the fastest growing non-profits in the area.

Redneck Outlaws Inc. are committed to making our local community and surrounding area a better place through our own fundraising activities. Our volunteers actively work with multiple businesses and several charities to assist our local community and the individuals in it. In 2016 Redneck Outlaws Inc. donated to local youth sports programs such as; Quincy Panthers, Waynesboro Youth League, and WAGS through sponsorships and donations made possible by our Community Program.

Through Redneck Outlaws Inc. Community Program in 2017 are starting a Sunday Charitable Softball League. We have noticed that many fields in our area are in need of upkeep/ maintenance and also many of our youth programs are in need of assistance as well and we feel as if our program may add value to the youth programs that may need assistance.

This season Redneck Outlaws Inc. Charitable Softball Season has been built as a community project. This season 9 teams will fundraise to help put money back into our local community. This project is set to donate funds to the local community to renovate local recreation areas so that our youth may have great looking fields and equipment to play with.

This Community project has a set goal to donate over $6,000 back into the community this summer!

Welcome to The Redneck Outlaws Inc.
2017 Charitable Softball Season

The Redneck Outlaws Inc.
A 501-C3 Non Profit Organization
18 East Main Street, Waynesboro Pa, 17268
EIN # 47-2504547 - ENTITY # 4317901 - DLN# 17053205325027